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Don’t Miss Out on your BBQ because of the Weather

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The British Summer is consistent in its inconsistency. You can check the weather forecast for weeks in advance, have everything set up for the perfect sunny barbecue day, and a sudden rain storm can ruin your plans. Unexpected rain can derail your barbecue in moments. However, it does not need to. A Grill Pan from BergHOFF can make a quick switch between the BBQ and the Hob easy – or allow you to dispense with the BBQ entirely, without losing the taste. Learn more about BergHOFF’s Grill Pan with our handy guide, and make the most of your summer cooking.

What is a Grill Pan?

A Grill Pan is essentially a type of frying pan. They are generally a thicker, heavier pan, that has a series of raised ridges across their surface. They are often made of cast iron, but do not need to be. The BergHOFF Grill Pan is made of a 2-layer Ferno Ceramic non stick surface. This is easier to use without fat or oil, allowing you to maximise the health benefits in your food.

How do I use a Grill Pan?

You can use a grill pan in a variety of ways. The BergHOFF grill pan is deliberately flexible to give you maximum flexibility in cooking your food.


The Grill Pan is useable on a BBQ. Whether you have a wood, coal or gas powered barbecue, the BergHOFF Grill Pan is easy to use. The first thing to consider is the heat. A BBQ is often not easy to keep at a certain temperature. The Grill Pan should best be used over a medium heat. However, the pan needs to be pre-heated. This means that you need to factor in the pan cooling down from a higher temperature to reach the level you want.


You can also use the BergHOFF Grill Pan indoors. This is important if you have been using the pan on the Barbecue, but suddenly need to come indoors – such as if there is unexpected rain. The Grill Pan can be used on the hob. Simply use it as a source of heat in the same way you were the barbecue. Try to maintain a similar level of heat. You can also use the pan in the oven in a similar way to a roasting tray.

Cooking Advice

Grill Pans are a great way to cook quickly and healthily. To do this most effectively, make sure to cut your food as thin as possible. This allows it to cook quickly, while ensuring that the food is safe for consumption.

Add the food slowly and carefully. If you aren’t using oil, there is always a chance of the food sticking to the ridges (although this is much lessened with a BergHOFF non stick pan). As a result, you need to be careful and precise when adding the food to the surface.

Try not to move the food around too often or quickly. Leaving it in place allows it to build up the grill marks that are so characteristic of the pans.

Make sure that you get your food up to the right temperatures. Poultry needs to reach 74 degrees Celsius internally to be safe. Beef, Pork and Lamb need to reach 63 degrees.


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