Warranty Conditions - Berghoff

Warranty Conditions

BergHOFF Eurocast Cookware Register warranty

Please read the ‘Warranty Terms & Conditions’ that apply to your BergHOFF GB purchase then complete the Activate Your Warranty form below.

This guarantee covers manufacturing defects only and does not cover damages caused by human error.

This warranty does not apply if the use and care instructions published in our literature have not been followed. The warranty does not cover neglect, misuse, abuse, accidents, overheating, commercial or dishwasher use. This warranty does not cover stains, discolouration, exterior scratch marks, dents, and natural loss of non-stick properties due to wear and tear.

Over time, surface imperfections may appear. This is considered normal wear and tear. It will not affect the performance of the cookware.

Discolouration – This is a build-up of burnt food and oils that over a period of time have not been cleaned properly and may cause a barrier between the cookware and the food causing items to stick. This is not a manufacture’s fault and needs to be removed to help restore the non-stick.

Download Recommended Cleaning Methods pdf

These BergHOFF GB products are guaranteed for 5 years home use only, from the date of purchase which must be registered within two weeks of purchase by completing the  Activate Your Warranty Form below or entering your details on a form that may have been given to you at a point of sale and sending it to the address provided.

Any item found with a manufacture’s defect will be repaired or replaced at the manufacturer’s discretion. Should the defective item no longer be available for whatever reason, an item of similar function and value will be substituted.

Damage to the exterior of the pan through neglect will null and void this guarantee.

All glass lids are not covered by the guarantee.

Damage caused by the use of metal kitchen utensils will null and void this guarantee.

Using any Eurocast cookware in the dishwasher will void any other guarantees. The chemicals used over a period of time will affect the surface of the pan and therefore will null and void the guarantee. Please use hot soapy water and just a damp cloth or paper towel to wipe out residual and prepare for cooking. Kindly read about pan care.

BergHOFF GB is owned by LCC Show & TV Promotions which has the right to cancel any orders and refund customers in full without notice in case of errors and admissions.