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How to Grill Indoors on a Hob

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We all know the British summer weather can be a bit of a killjoy, despite the warmer temperatures rain is always a possibility. Still wondering how to make the best grilled burger or chicken and vegetables on skewers indoors?

Thankfully, there are ways to bring the flavours of summer indoors when we must! If your garden party plans are being threatened by wet weather or you simply want to replicate those smokey BBQ flavour indoors, there are ways to grill indoors on a hob to create healthy and tasty feasts for everyone. Harnessing the power of great cookware and smokey infusions, we’re going to give you a few tips and tricks to create that charred goodness in your kitchen, regardless of the weather outside.

Choose The Right Cookware

If you’re searching for ways to grill indoors, you’ve probably come across a few grill pans or a griddle pan by now. However, not all cookware is made equally, despite them all looking the same or similar. Choosing the right cookware will determine whether your food is cooked evenly or if there are hotspots, a very important factor when trying to create an indoor BBQ. Uneven heat distribution leads to burned and uncooked areas, requiring frequent rotation and usually producing dry and unsatisfying meals.

Energy efficient cookware like our Non-Stick Grill Pan, coated in the 2-layer Ferno Ceramic surface, produces even heat flow across the pan and provides a durable non-stick surface, evenly cooking all foods and requiring no oil to stop food sticking to the cooking surface. Using a grill pan will produce the desired grill lines that make steaks, meat and fish look flame-grilled and enticing.

Additionally, a flat Teppenyaki grill plate can be used on the hob to cook vegetables and other ingredients, whilst transferring easily from the hob to the barbecue to cook foods that are likely to fall off grill and create a mess.

Pans that can be transferred from the hob to the oven are incredibly useful when your cooking appliances don’t produce the desired result. Food can be cooked in the oven and seared on the hob after to produce a charred exterior but retain moisture, especially useful when trying to create the perfectly cooked steak.

Tips for Grilling on the Hob

  • Preheat your pan - Heat the pan on a medium to high heat to begin searing your food immediately, create that charred flavour and produce the coveted grill lines. The temperature of your pan is incredibly important to the process, so make sure you've got it right.

  • Marinade your food beforehand - Coat your meat, fish and vegetables in a marinade of seasoning, spices and some lemon or lime juice for at least an hour before cooking. This will allow the flavour to penetrate your food before cooking and create more depth in flavour.

  • Don't over crowd the pan - Make sure everything is adequately separated to allow heat to evenly cook your food. If you're cooking a large amount, cook in batches to avoid food being placed close together in the pan, especially if using skewers.

  • Avoid flipping too frequently - Aim to only flip your food two or three times when cooking. If the heat is high enough, the food should only need to be flipped twice to cook it thoroughly on both sides and produce charred grill lines, so make sure your pan is nice and hot.

  • Use smoked seasoning or liquid smoke - Trade your normal spices and seasoning for smoked seasoning like smoked paprika or smoked chipotle to recreate that authentic fire-cooked flavour indoors. You can even try adding liquid smoke to your marinade if you love the smoky notes of a real BBQ.

Advantages of Indoor Grilling

Whilst being outside in the sunshine with the food sizzling away is a lovely way to spend summer, there is a lot more cleaning up and maintenance to do when traditionally barbecuing. With a high quality, non-stick grill pan, the clean up part of a summer feast is quick and easy. Simply soak pans in warm soapy water and wipe clean, being sure to use a non-abrasive sponge to maintain the durability of the non-stick surface. Enjoy the delightful summer kebab and BBQ flavours, without the mess or stinging eyes from wind blowing smoke at you!

Enjoy the flavours of a BBQ all year round, in the heart of your home! With the right equipment and technique, you won’t even be able to tell the difference. Fire up your grill pan and get cooking!