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How to make Christmas Dinner Less Stressful

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Christmas is nearly here, and for many of us that means one thing – getting stressed. Regardless of whether you have a big family or a small one, preparing, cooking and serving a Christmas Dinner can be a complicated experience. However, it is possible to make Christmas Dinner less stressful. With the simple BergHOFF guide, you can maximise the results from your Xmas meal, and minimise the stress.

Prepare in Advance

One of the most important and easiest way to make Christmas Dinner less stressful is to prepare as much in advance as you can. This can take a few forms. Firstly, it is worth making a plan of action before you even start to do the cooking. Plot out how long you think it will take you to complete various stages of the cooking. Then, work out when you need to start each stage to be ready by a certain time. It is also very possible to pre-prepare various elements of the Christmas dinner. You can peel and chop vegetables in advance if you keep them in a pan of water until you want to cook them. BergHOFF’s non stick saucepans come in a variety of sizes, so you can prepare any amount of vegetables in advance.

Share the Load

A Christmas dinner has a lot of elements. Completing all of these on your own is not only very difficult, it is a waste of time and effort. Trying to do it all on your own is unnecessary. Rope in everyone to help you. Not only can more hands help you get all the little tasks done quicker and easier, it can also be fun and rewarding. Getting kids involved in cooking early sets them up for life, Getting your friends and family involved in the prep works means you actually get to spend time with them, not slave away in the kitchen on your own. The BergHOFF Double Roaster is large enough that you can save on using multiple pots by doing all your roasting in one.

Familiar Favourites

It can be tempting to try and show off with a fancy new idea or recipe for Christmas. This is especially the case if you have new people attending, or relatives that you have not seen for a long time. However, this is not a good idea unless you are a professional chef – and perhaps not even then! Christmas is a time for tried and tested favourites, that you are comfortable making. Don’t try something new, worry about getting it wrong and ruin your own day.

Simple Shortcuts

You don’t have to do it all yourself. Not all of a Christmas Dinner has to be made by your own hands. After all, no-one will know or care if you did not make the bread rolls yourself. Equally, everyone makes stuffing from a packet. There is no need to worry about how ‘authentic’ or handmade everything is. Christmas is about enjoying being with the people who are important to you, not who made the cranberry sauce.

Take it Easy

Remember, the most important thing to do at Christmas is relax. This is one of the few times of the year where everyone is supposed to be taking it easy and enjoying themselves. One of the easiest ways to make Christmas Dinner less stressful is to not take it all too seriously. Christmas Dinner is always going to be enjoyable if you are with your family. BergHOFF cookware is all non-stick, which makes cooking Christmas Dinner that bit easier. BergHOFF cookware is easy-clean, so even if you do get it wrong, you won’t be wasting your Christmas Day scrubbing at your pots and pans.

With BergHOFF, you can focus on spending time with your family, not on the cooking. Enjoy this festive season, and have a merry Christmas from everyone at BergHOFF.