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How to Stop Pancakes Sticking to the Pan

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Pancake day is coming up, and as one of Britain’s most popular traditions, many of us are starting to think about how to make sure our pancakes come out perfect this year.

Pancakes can be tricky. In fact, they’re so famously tricky that cultures all over the world have traditional sayings based around how the first pancake is always a bit wonky!

However, pancakes don’t need to be so difficult. With BergHOFF’s easy guide, you can stop pancakes sticking to the pan, and get perfect pancakes every time with our advanced Non-Stick Pancake Pans.

It’s too hot

One of the most common ways to ensure your pancakes stick to the pan is to use too hot a pan. A pan that is too hot will cause butter to brown before the other ingredients start to cook. This will often cause it to stick to the bottom of the pan before the rest of the pancake has actually cooked.

Lowering the heat on your pan is very often the best way to stop pancakes sticking to the pan. It does not take significantly longer to cook a pancake in a slightly cooler pan – and the time overall is reduced by reducing the failure rate!

You aren’t using the pan properly

Not all pans are made the same. You can’t always use one pan in the way you would use another. A traditional pan – such as a cast iron pan – will need to be used differently than a modern ferno-ceramic design. For example, you need to ‘season’ a traditional pan with oil to try and reduce it from catching. However, you do not need to do this with a proper non-stick pan. Any pancake is still likely to benefit from some butter or oil in the pan to minimise its chance of sticking to the pan.

There’s too much sugar in the mix

Many of us like a sweet pancake – whether it’s the ingredients of pancake itself, or the toppings we put on top. However, a sweeter pancake is more likely to stick to the pan. Higher sugar content pancakes are more likely to stick to the pan than lower sugar pancakes. If your mix continually sticks to the pan, try reducing the sugar content by about 25% – you will likely not notice the change in taste, but you will probably have a greater success rate.

You aren’t using Non Stick Pans

Old fashioned pans are simply not as useful for making pancakes as more modern non-stick pans. BergHOFF’s eurocast pancake pans are designed to make cooking pancakes easier and more successful. BergHOFF pancake pans do not need you to use oil or fat unless you want to, making them a healthier option. BergHOFF pancake pans are perfect for making pancake day easy, but can also be used for chapattis, dosas, pizzas and even fried eggs.

Check out our Pancake pans here. We offer two sizes, 24 and 32 cm, both of which come with detachable handles for flexible usage.