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The BergHOFF Guide to Low Fat Cooking

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In the new year, many of us choose to attempt lower fat diets. Whether this is an attempt to lose weight, a commitment to a healthier diet or simply a new year’s resolution, adopting a lower fat diet is a common part of many peoples’ January. Making the food you are used to with lower fat can seem intimidating. However, it is not difficult to introduce low fat cooking into your diet.

Fatty Foods

The first, and easiest thing you can do to start low fat cooking is to avoid fatty foods. Certain foods have a lot of saturated fats. The quickest way to avoid fat is to avoid these foods. Some common types of fatty foods to avoid are:

  • Dairy – Cheese ,butter, ghee, cream, ice cream etc.
  • Cured meats – salami, chorizo, pancetta, bacon etc.
  • Desserts – cakes, biscuits, pastries etc.

Less Fatty Alternatives

It can be hard to avoid high fat foodstuffs. These are often many of our favourite foods. However, it is entirely possible to carry on eating your favourite foods while maintaining a low fat diet. You can still have a kebab if you choose a chicken kebab and a healthier bread like a pitta. You can have a Chinese takeaway if you go for a lower fat dish, such as one of the steamed options.

Eating healthier and starting low fat cooking is not just a matter of ingredients and dishes. It can also be a matter of techniques. BergHOFF cookware is designed to make low fat cooking easier.


Frying is usually one of the highest fat cooking methods. This is particularly the case for deep fat frying. However, there are a range of alternatives to frying with oils and fats that can make your cooking low fat. Firstly, a BergHOFF Non-Stick Frying Pan is designed to make frying without fat easy and healthy. The surface design of a BergHOFF frying pan allows you to fry without needing to use oil or fat. If you do prefer to do so, you can simply wipe a minor amount of oil onto the surface with a piece of kitchen roll. If you do want to produce a deep-fried effect, you can consider roasting instead. Using a BergHOFF Double Roaster allows you to roast a large quantity of food on an easy clean, non-stick surface.


Roasting can be a very effective way of cooking food in a low fat way. Consider using low fat cuts of meat, or trimming off the fat if you are able. To prevent meat drying out, try using a BergHOFF Double Roaster. The depth of the pan allows you to either use a few centimetres of water at the bottom of the pan to add moisture; or to cover the meat in a marinade and add a loose foil top to prevent drying out.


Making a stew or another long cooking meal doesn’t need you to use a lot of fat. In fact, it is perfectly possible to stick to low fat cooking and make almost anything. BergHOFF’s Non-Stick Saucepots and Saucepans are all suitable for both on the hob and in the oven cooking. That means you can start by frying without fat on the hob. After you have added the stock and stewing ingredients, you can transfer the Saucepan to the oven, and cook for as long as you need – all without using oil or fat.


Whether you are looking for a fresh start in the New Year, or you are trying to maintain a commitment to low far cooking, BergHOFF products are designed to make it easier for you . Check out the full range of BergHOFF products, and see how they could help you make low fat cooking simple.