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How to use a BergHOFF Double Roasting Pan

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We all run out of space. There are too many pans gathering dust in the cupboard. That’s without even mentioning the bread-maker you keep meaning to use. You don’t need all the pots and pans you keep and never use, especially when the flexibility of cookware like BergHOFF’s Double Roaster fulfils multiple functions for you.

The Double Roaster is made of two parts, the 9L deep roasting tin and the sturdy griddle pan. Both have multiple functions, and can work together or individually. Start to save time and space in your kitchen with BergHOFF.

The various ways you can use the Double Roasting Pan

  1. Use the griddle pan on the hob or oven
    Perfect for frying meat and fish, as well as vegetables, the griddle pan can be used alone on the hob. A griddle pan is a great way to add those char-grill stripes to your food, as well as cooking meat and fish without fat. It is also deep enough for you to use it in the oven to make a range of baked meals – from lasagne to moussaka.
  2. Roast two things at the same time in the oven
    The 9L roasting tin is deep enough to contain a chicken or a large leg of lamb (or any roast you care to mention really). However, who wants a roast without the sides? The griddle pan fits neatly inside the roasting tin, and allows you to roast both the joint and your potatoes in the same space.
  3. Roast on the hob without an oven
    Come Christmas time, there is always too much going on at the same time. Too many people, too many drinks and too much to cook at the same time. That can put a real strain on your oven space. With the Double Roaster, you can maximise your space, by roasting outside of the oven. Use your griddle tray directly on the hob – the roasting tin is insulated enough as a lid to roast meat, even without an oven.
  4. Make chutneys, jams & marmalades and even traditional popcorn!
  5. Make gravy using the meat juices
    After roasting your meat in either part (on the hob or in the oven), you can leave to rest then place the pan on the hob to simmer fresh gravy directly from the meat juices.
  6. Use the large part as a saucepot 
    And the lid as a lid, you can make delicious soups, stews, casseroles and curries.

Caring for your BergHOFF Double Roaster

One of the most useful attributes of the Double Roaster is how much it saves on the washing up. The Double Roaster is easy to care for, but requires some particular attention that other cookware might not.

The Double Roaster comes with a five year warranty. You can read our FAQs for more detail on how to care for your Double Roaster, but there are a few main things to consider. You shouldn’t put the roaster in a dish washer, as this can damage the surface. A long soak in soap and water with a regular scrub should always do the trick.

Using the Double Roaster for low-fat cooking also requires a little practice. Only use the two sides on a low heat if you aren’t using fat. This is to help stop food sticking to the surface without oil or fat.

Getting your roast just right

The BergHOFF double roaster is perfect for doing the Sunday Roast. It saves on effort, space and time. However, getting your roast done perfectly can still take a bit of practice. That doesn’t mean that it is hard – it’s all a question of timing.

Read about timing your Sunday Roast in our blog article or try our Succulent Roast Chicken recipe – let us know how you get on!